Nyros is an IT consulting and services company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to devise quality software with interdisciplinary effort and a long-term focus.

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Hi, we are Nyros

Our culture is shaped by our values - they are the framework that sets expectations and guides our behavior.

Trust, Reliable, Agile and Creative are our guiding core values and the unchanging brand principles on which we always swear by!

Our top priority is to WoW people with PRODUCT-MARKET FIT products. We focus on building 'Human-Centered' apps that actually sells. We can handle it all - from Idea Validation to Design & Development and through Launch & Growth!

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MVP Development

Nyros helps cash-strapped startups launch their products in the blink of an eye by ramping teams up, depending on their needs.

Contractual staffing

Our dedicated team is composed of highly trained professionals who uphold international business standards while working for you. They handle everything from business analysis to launch, so you can confidently focus on your core competencies.

Project Management

Our senior architects can define the vision, keep the team aligned and act as glue between you and the team.

Service Catalog Consulting

We closely work with our clients to design a self-service provisioning of the IT solutions using AWS Service Catalog to accelerate the demos, PoC’s and solution deployment.

Serverless Computing

Our Certified AWS Engineers help enterprises to implement, manage and monitor evanescent on-demand resources disengaged from their virtual and hardware ties, which meet clients’ compute, database and storage needs.

Digital Strategy

Once your software is developed and your app is created, it is time to think about how the public will use and perceive it. Our strategic partnership with Pixels & Digits can help. Their team of experts have launched dozens of campaigns, created unique and authentic brand voices, generated thousands of likes, followers, and engagement on social media, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars online for past clients. We can also do your Launch plans - From naming it, branding it, and taking it to market, we’re your partner every step of the way.

We are here to support unique founders like you! Ready to start your journey with us? Call us now!

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Nyros Technologies was started for two reasons: to be one of the world’s best creative digital agency and to collaborate with incredibly talented people.

We're a technology firm and our team is made up of developers who help concept, prototype and build new products. Whether you’re highly seasoned or you’re self-taught, it’s the passion for creating breakthrough web, mobile app, e-commerce, AI and other digital experiences that unites us.

We're always looking for talented people, so feel free to submit your application now!